Healing Cooker Combo

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22CM Healthy Cooker + 3-Min Magic Cup

The Cookerlogy Healing Cooker’s functional ceramics focuses on a “healing” concept. We are the world’s first and only product that incorporates the principles of quantum physics to convert electromagnetic waves into growth waves. Our technology is patented in Korea, China and Japan. The Healing Cooker cooks with light hence allowing healthier low molecular cooking without destroying nutrients compared to heat cooking.

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Cookerlogy Healing Cooker

Delivering the food your body needs.

It can cook quickly and easily like retort food. By using a microwave oven to shorten the cooking time, and to simplify the cooking process with the advantage of the Healing Cooker, not only experts but also beginners can cook difficult dishes easily and deliciously. Now, eat comfortably with a Cookerlogy Healing Cooker that makes you healthy with minimal effort!

“Cooking has never been easier or more enjoyable. Healthy and delicious meals all year round for everyone.“


The era of fast, simple and healthy eating is upon us.

Cookerlogy Magic Cooker Combo

Cookerlogy Healing Cooker delivers tastier meals without water, oil or seasoning.

The Healing Cooker is made of 30 kinds of natural minerals such as soil, stone and charcoal. It emits a large amount of growth rays at high temperatures. Growth rays are the wavelengths that are most beneficial to living organisms among the wavelengths emitted from the sun. It preserves the juice without destroying moisture and sodium, etc. of food ingredients. With the Healing Cooker, moist and delicious cooking is possible without water, oil or seasonings.

Cookerlogy Magic Cooker

A cooker that makes both cooking time and meal time healthy.

Smoke generated when cooking on a gas stove or induction increases carbon monoxide by more than 9 times and fine dust by more than 20 times. The Healing Cooker is a principle that absorbs the microwave oven’s wavelength (microwave) from the heating element at the base and converts it into growth rays, so it can be free from harmful substances generated during cooking. In addition, the growth rays minimize the destruction of nutrients in the ingredients and restore the natural taste of the ingredients , so the Healing Cooker can cook to make both cooking time and meal time healthy.

Low molecular weight cooker that maximizes digestion and absorption.

Since the gluten component of wheat flour is insoluble protein and can only be consumed as a polymer, various wheat foods such as bread and noodles are difficult to digest and absorb. The growth rays make the ingredients of high-molecular food ingredients low-molecular and increase the amino acids that give off a savory taste

Ultra-simple cooker that does not require the defrosting of frozen food.

When frozen foods are defrosted, a freeze burn occurs during which the ingredients deteriorate and the meat juice is lost .Since the Cookerlogy Healing Cooker cooks with growing rays, it cooks the outside and inside of the ingredients evenly, eliminating the need for cumbersome defrosting, making it easier and more delicious in a shorter time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t it harmful to health when using a microwave?

The Cookerlogy Healing Cooker’s unique technology goes by the principle of converting the electromagnetic waves of microwave ovens and converts it into light (growth rays / far-infrared), so you can use them safely without the harmful effects.

Will the body of the ceramic crack since it uses light in such high heat?

The Cookerlogy Healing cooker is made from ultra-heat-resistant ceramic that can withstand heat up to 700 degress celcius and can last for more than 10 years. These super-reinforced ceramics are light, yet not easily broken by heat or physical shock however, due to the characteristics of ceramics, it may be broken if subjected to an excessive impact, so use with caution.

Can I use it in a convection oven or must it be only used in Microwave oven?

The Cookerlogy Healing cooker must ONLY be used in a microwave oven that has a rotating base. Convection oven uses a different form of a heating method (halogen light) to radiate heat and does not have a rotating base which may cause the inner coat of the ceramic to burn or there is a risk of fire.

The Healing Cooker is designed to absorb the electromagnetic waves and converting it into far-infrared rays (growth rays), therefore, the convection oven’s heating method does not match the Healing Cooker’s heating method and might risk damaging the cooker. 

Use only microwave oven to enjoy the optimum performance of the cooker.

Can I use it on a gas stove?

The Cookerlogy Healing cooker must ONLY be used in a microwave  oven that has a rotating base. Using it over the gas stove will risk  damaging the Healing Cooker’s filament.

The Healing Cooker is designed to absorb the electromagnetic waves and converting it into far-infrared rays (growth rays), therefore, using it over the gas stove does not match the Healing Cooker’s heating method and might risk damaging the cooker. 

Use only microwave oven to enjoy the optimum performance of the cooker.

How should I clean the ceramic cooker?

The inner coat of the Healing Cooker is made from carbon fiber. Just rinse it with running water or wash with gentle soapy water to remove dirt and grimes. Before using the cooker, just ensure that the body of the cooker is dry before placing it in the microwave.

When I turn the cooker in the microwave, it makes a ‘puck’ sound. Is it okay?

When cooking meat, fish or sausages, you may hear a ‘puck’ sound. This is the sound of the internal moisture in the food being heated, expanded and then popped. There is nothing to worry at all. 

However, ingredients with skin such as nuts and tomatoes should be cut before placing them in the cooker. 

When cooking eggs, beat the yolks and whites before cooking. Do not cook eggs whole as it may explode.

When using the cooker, how much should frozen food be defrosted and cooked?

Frozen food deteriorates during defrosting process. A freeze bum phenomenon occurs, causes it to lose nutrients/juices, resulting in poor taste. Since Healing Cooker is cooked with growth rays (far-infrared), food need NOT be defrosted to ensure it does not lose its nutrient during the defrosting process, maximizing the taste.

Can I put 2 mugs in the microwave or turn them?

If you put two mugs in the microwave at the same time, you can cook by increasing the cooking time of the recipe by about 1.7 to 2 times.

Where can I find recipes for the Healing Cooker?

We have library of recipes created by some of the top chefs and food enthusiasts specially for use with the Healing Cooker. You can view the library here.



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