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The Cookerlogy Healing Cooker is a revolutionary innovation that has the power to change cooking forever. The patented “healing” technology that originated in Korea produces healthier, low molecular cooking without destroying nutrients as compared to heat cooking and alkalizes the acidified human body which enhances the overall immune system.



Cooks meals 70% faster than other methods.

Ultra Heat Resistant.

Ultra Heat Resistant.

Up to 700℃. Double the international standards of 350℃.

Super Long Lasting Ceramics.

Super Long Lasting Ceramics.

Light-weight, super strong that last for more than 10 years.

Natural Materials.

Natural Materials.

Made from 30 kinds of natural minerals and natural glazes, harmless to the human body.

The Cookerlogy Healing Cooker is a revolutionary innovation that has the power to change cooking forever.

The Cookerlogy Healing Cooker is a revolutionary new device that uses quantum physics to convert microwave radiation into far infrared rays. The technology in this incredible innovation can help treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and even cancer!

The era of fast, simple and healthier cooking is upon us.

The Cookerlogy Healing Cooker is the latest product to revolutionize cooking. It cooks your food quickly and easily. Not only does it make cooking time shorter, but it also makes your dish healthier without much effort at all! Advanced chefs or newbies can use this cooker for difficult dishes that will taste amazing too!

Super Fast Alkaline Cooking.

Cook easily and quickly in 3-5 minutes without water.

Water-Soluble Cooking.

Retains necessary nutrients for the human body.

Non-Moisture, Non-Thawing.

Cooks without drying or burning, without the need for water, oil or thawing.

Low Molecular Ionized Cooking.

Cooks healthy dishes that can be easily digested and absorbed.

Low-Salt Slow Cooking.

Cooks dishes with deeper and richer natural taste.

One of the things that I really love about Cookerlogy is that it makes cooking fun again and makes me look forward to cooking everyday.

Amber Chia, Celebrity Supermodel

What's really great about Cookerlogy is that all it requires of you is to put your ingredients in the cooker and microwave it for a healthy, tasty meal.

Zhen Ru, TV Celebrity

Start hacking your immune system.

Choose the Healing Cooker that best suits your needs!

Healing Cooker Combo


22cm Healing Cooker


healing cooker 3-minute magic cup

3-Minute Magic Cup



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