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Pork Porridge by Chef KeithBy CookerlogyCHEF KEITH JAPANESE INSPIRED PORK PORRIDGE IN 30 MINUTES WITH HEALING POT! Recipe by @Satayboy69Recipe
Lou Shu FunBy CookerlogyLou Shu Fan (Rice Noodles) 老鼠粉 with Minced Meat in 9 Minutes with Healing Cooker!
Eggplant SaladBy CookerlogyDelicious eggplant salad with nutritiuos taste in under 10 minutes.
Seafood PotBy CookerlogyA rich seafood pot with an assortment of scallops, abalone and squid with fresh texture intact in under 10 minutes.
Steamed VegetablesBy CookerlogySteamed vegetables with crispy texture and full of nutrients in under 10 minutes.
Spinach SaladBy CookerlogyTasty spinach salad with an abundance of taste and nutrition in under 5 minutes.


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